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Our Approach to investing

Street Capital is focused on early stage investment, particularly (but not limited) in tech-focused and tech-enabled businesses.

We believe that South Africa's venture capital environment is less venture capital focused and lends more toward early stage private equity investment. We aren't necessarily only looking for proven business models or companies that are post revenue.

We're looking for early stage entrepreneurs who need a little bit of guidance, commercial support and hand holding, where we can help shape and steer the business - at an arms length.

Some points to consider before chatting to us:

We want 20% to 49% equity

We add 1 director to the board

We assist with the business model and strategy

We're interested in high-growth start-ups

We're a bit hands-on

We help with more than money

We believe that a great jockey can ride any horse to the finish line. We will always back the jockey before backing the horse.



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Rio Bodiba

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